New York South Asian Chamber of Commerce (NYSACOC) mission is to advance and promote the economic growth that benefit South Asian business owners in New York. We will advocate their issues with respective government agencies, along with providing technical and educational support to South Asian American businesses by building a relationship between local community organizations, political leaders, community leaders and South Asian businesses that rests on a solid foundation. Such a foundation that rests on respect for each other's cultures and values; and overall acceptance of each other's legitimate needs, concerns, interests, and objectives.


  • Independence day celebration

    NYSACOC will partner up with community organization to help better promote the independence day festivals within the NY area.

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  • Networking events

    Once a quarter NYSACOC will be holding local area meet & greet. These events are geared towards members on the chamber.

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  • Seminars

    Once a quarter we will hold informative seminars on topics that affect South Asian businesses. These seminars are for both...

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Membership Benefits ?

United Advocacy for South Asian Community

  • Monthly networking opportunities
  • High visibility in the South Asian business community
  • Representation of minority owned business community
  • Reciprocal benefits with member partners and other organizations
  • Professional and volunteer opportunities.
  • Up-do-date information on public policy, news, and events
  • Political Advocacy for South Asian Businesses
  • Educational Seminars on business development
  • exclusive access to all NYSACOC events
  • Member Discounts at affiliated businesses